Boston, 2004 – ReConstitution was a three-part live audiovisual remix of the 2004 presidential debates. A hybrid of video art and public service, the piece represented a shift away from the polarized manner in which people approach political artwork.

We designed a piece of software that allowed us to sample the television broadcast in real time, extracting the video, audio, and closed captioned text. The software consisted of a series of modes, each of which transformed, analyzed, and reassembled these pieces in a distinct way. The transformed visuals were projected into a large screen and the audio was played through a PA system.

Aspects of the broadcast were obscured while others were highlighted and analyzed, all intended to augment the raw information contained in the television signal. A clean version of the candidate's voices was always present in the audio mix, so as to maintain the legibility of the debates.

Every word spoken by the candidates was catalogued, analyzed, and displayed, integrated with the transformed video signal. The visuals would react to the physical movement of the candidates as well as the words they spoke.

recon_01.jpg recon_02.jpg recon_03.jpg recon_04.jpg recon_05.jpg